PASMA Training including PASMA Combined Courses


PASMA Certificates are nationally recognised and are a Health & Safety requirement on all sites. We frequently run the PASMA Towers for Users, Low-Level Access and Podiums (Combined) course, but can also hold these courses separately if required.

Course Details

The PASMA Access Tower training course is designed for individuals involved in the assembly, use and inspection of mobile access towers. It covers safe assembly and dismantling procedures, legal frameworks for working at height, risk assessment, stability principles, and thorough inspection guidelines.

PASMA Access Tower Training Course Overview:

  • Assembly and Dismantling Procedures: Proper methods for assembling and dismantling mobile access towers, ensuring both structural stability and safety.
  • Stability and Tie Systems: Understanding the significance of stability and how to utilise tie systems to secure the tower in various working conditions.
  • Safe Use of Towers: Guidelines for safely working on mobile access towers, encompassing techniques for climbing, moving, and utilising the tower in different scenarios.
  • Inspection and Maintenance: Routine inspection procedures to identify potential issues or damage to the tower components and recognizing the importance of appropriate maintenance.
  • Hazards and Risk Assessment: Recognition of potential hazards associated with working on mobile access towers and conducting risk assessments to ensure a secure working environment.
  • Regulations and Standards: Familiarity with pertinent regulations and standards governing the utilisation of mobile access towers in the workplace.
  • Fall Protection: Understanding the application of personal protective equipment, including the significance of guardrails and other fall protection measures.

PASMA Low Level Access training is tailored for those using low-level access equipment, addressing key areas like legal considerations, risk assessment, assembly, stability and maintenance. The course provides hands-on experience for safe use of equipment like podium steps.

PASMA Low Level Access Course Overview:

  • Introduction to Low-level Access: Knowing the various types of low-level access equipment and understanding their intended applications.
  • Legal Overview: Providing an overview of pertinent regulations and legislation associated with working at height.
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statements: Emphasising the significance of risk assessments and method statements in guaranteeing safe work practices.
  • Assembly and Dismantling Procedures: Hands-on training focused on the correct assembly and dismantling of low-level access equipment.
  • Stability and Safe Use: Understanding the factors contributing to the stability of low-level access equipment and ensuring its safe usage.
  • Inspection and Maintenance: Training on inspecting and maintaining low-level access equipment to ensure ongoing safe utilisation.
  • Practical Exercises: Incorporating practical demonstrations and exercises to reinforce the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course.

The PASMA Combined Course covers the curriculum of both the PASMA Access Tower training course and the PASMA Low-level Access training course.

During these courses participants gain hands-on skills in assembly, usage and maintenance of specific equipment.


Our Training Centre is located in London’s Stacey Avenue, by Meridian Water train station. Courses are also available nationally.

Address: 21 Stacey Avenue, London N18 3PP

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PASMA Combined Course


20/06/2024 08:00 - 16:30

5 £172.5

PASMA Combined Course


27/06/2024 08:00 - 16:30

7 £172.5